An ancient soul in a contemporary space

Assembly was born in Milan from the minds of a group of designers, who understood how art, culture and experimentation can live in a single and prestigious urban space.

An ambitious project to restore a building’s heritage in a contemporary way and encourage fusion between different etiquettes.

Spread out over two floors, the space of over 250 sq.m features a bar, kitchen and garden and is designed to accommodate a wide variety of events and creativity.

A gallery available for the organisation of corporate events, workshops, art exhibitions and vernissages, presentations, team building, fashion shows, shootings and other ventures.

A combination of multifunctional spaces, able to adapt to each and every need and type of event. A structure with an independent entrance which offers customised arrangements to suit your needs.

Assembly is located just five blocks from Arco della Pace, a few hundred metres from Jerusalem and Domodossola stations on the M5 metro line, and from the railway connection.

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13 storage

12 box

11 garden

10 restroom

09 library

08 reception | office

07 bar&kitchen


06 warehouse

05 office | lab

04 restroom

03 storage

02 wardrobe

01 gallery | 235 sqm

00 courtyard